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Boonton High Class of 87 (30 Year Reunion)$ 60.00
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Our team put a lot of thought into choosing the right venue. What could be better than a historic building located in the heart of Boonton? Maxfields on Main is a beautifully restored historic firehouse with exposed brick walls, a leather banquette, and upstairs lounge which provide a nostalgic vibe in a casual atmosphere- a perfect setting for us to relax and reminisce! This special night will include an abundant variety of passed hors d'oeuvres, as well as artfully displayed platters for you to enjoy. The cash bar will feature a signature drink, appropriately called the "Boonton Bomber," crafted specially just for our event! Imagine 80's music playing (c'mon, we know you still love it!), and so much more to entertain you! Feel free to bring a guest, or come alone! You'll be glad you did! PLEASE SHARE THIS PAGE!
When:07/15/2017 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Where:Maxfields on Main, Boonton, NJ 07005
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Guest Purchased Tickets
Tony Frederico
Edward Kane
Sandy Miglin (Palazzo)
Michael Cain
Ken Grune
Don Paynton
Paul Stumpf
Ron Wis
Todd Gentry
Paul Doumanis (Doumanis)
Larry Fagan
Nick Cristo
Patty Connerton (Cristo)
Stephanie Giessler (Monrad)
Mark Bosland
Vikki Fleres (Bosland)
Danielle Fitser (Cabana)
Andrea Marrone Lowndes
Nancy Carberry (Ackerman)
Hadi Ahmedi
May Ahmedi
Donna Beik
John Bevacqua
Jen Stitt (Darling)
Lars Darling
Michael DeLuca
Tina Howell (DeLuca)
Susan Yachnik (Foster)
Bill Sorenson (grey)
Dennis Herczku
Karen Katzgrau (Holey)
Greg Huebscher
Loren Bonaldo (Klotz)
Ralf Klotz
Joe Mahoney
Noreen Rocco (Mahoney)
Renee Sorenson (sorenson)
Chris Venturini
Jennifer Venturini
Robert Venturini
Roger Zuidema
Dean Gant
Kristi Rohrer (Nisbet)
Steve Nisbet
Amy Aquaro (Shina)
Lee Ann Ransom (Curro)
Angela Calabria
Ivonne Caceres (Ciresi)
Crystal Stalker (Quigley)
Jennifer DeGrande
Jim Hardin
Paula Hardin
Kevin Schild
Doris Kuhn (Yanez)
Juan Yanez
Danielle Badalamenti
Colleen Thomas (Cannizzo)
Audie Manlangit
Glenn Eswein
Shannon Hendricks (Eswein)
Jim Ankner
Elaine Campbell
Steven Hercek
Leigh Schubert
June Kostka (Hercek)
Mickey Hercek
Derek Beal
Victoria Beal
Deanna Breakey
Tommy MacLachlan
Trixy Homeijer
Didi Alvarez (Bogert)
Coach Gardner
Mrs. Sue Jones
Sharon Sanders
Jamie Starr (Burger)
John Dobrowolskyj
Shelley Hill (Dobrowolskyj)
Dennis Maida
Trish Parcellls (Maida)
Jeff Ackerman
Denyse Costello
Leslie Olson (David)
Pat Palumbo
Allison Allieri (Hayden)
Kelly Matthews (Matthews)
Carol Tasso (Fava)
Kenneth Jenkins
Meredith Jenkins
Sarah Albanese (Albanese)
Bruce Webber
Karen DelTufo (Webber)
Mike Hanke
Ed Sofield
Sean Libbey
Jennifer Bucher (Bucher)
Kerrie Nicholson (Espuga)
Total 99